” Dear Ingrid & Taryn

Just to let you know that we spent this past weekend in Johannesburg where we stayed with friends who have a large uncovered pool. On Sunday we invited all our family to a braai and they came en masse with some 14 children, aged 5 to 15. In no time they were all in the pool along with Bea, who proceeded to swim like a champ. The cousins pushed her about the pool so she swam short distances from one to another & jumped in & swam to them. She spent hours in the pool that day.

I am delighted with what you have taught her in such a short time. She was able to have a wonderful time in relative safety. She got in and out properly every time and while we kept an eye on her constantly, I never once felt that she was in danger.

Many thanks to you and your team, and we will see you tomorrow morning to continue the good work! ”

” Just to let you know Jordan (Swartz) showed us his ‘skills’ when we went away for the long weekend last week and we were both gobsmacked. We cannot believe how much he has learnt since we last saw him swim in November last year. My heart dropped when he just jumped in without any swimming ring or help from anyone but then he started moving and and he is 98% water safe (gets tired every now and again and looks for the side to hold on.) He even showed us an underwater somersault!

Thanks to the school and teachers for teaching Jordan so much in so little time!! ”

” Good Day Ingrid

It is with great sadness that send this email, as it is the last day that Alex and Abbey will be swimming with you. I apologise for the short notice, but I thank and applaud you and your team for the undying patience and professional training that took both of our kids from water splashers to little dolphins. Your techniques have really turned them into great water lovers, who will sacrifice Channel 301 for a swim, come rain or shine. Abbey, at one stage even wanted to move house so that we could have a heated pool in order to swim in winter.

Once again thank you and your team for the opportunity and for an extremely sound swimming base which they will definitely build on as they grow and develop, and watch this space as they could be the next Chad and Natalie.

All the best for the future of Little Dolphins “